Cafe Lisbon Products

Blended to Perfection Coffees & Teas


Our commitment to quality is evident in every beverage we prepare. We promise that every sip you take will be worth it, regardless of your choice of drink. From our renowned Venezuelan Cappuccino to our invigorating iced herbal tea or a simple cup of specialty sourced black coffee, we guarantee that our beverages will keep you coming back for more.

Delicious Treats, Good Eats Bakery & Kitchen


Indulge in our array of delectable treats, baked delights, and satisfying entrees specially curated for the season - ideal for breakfast or lunchtime. We make every effort to obtain our ingredients from nearby organic farms and select top-quality vendors for specialty items.

From Around the World Bulk Speciality Blends


We source the highest quality coffee from around the globe. Our selection features new and exciting blends primarily from Central and South American regions. Whether you prefer smaller or larger quantities, our blends are available for purchase. For further information, please visit us in-store.